Prof. Peter E. Schulz, Ph.D, MBA, LL.B

Additional Qualifications: Business Graduate & Business Lawyer, Business Economist, Certified Financial and Investment Advisor (AFA), Certified Accountant

Performance & Service Portfolio of MC&S Prof. Dr. Schulz GmbH

Specialized in corporate succession issues - Strategic and operational management - Optimization of investment, finance and cost management - Optimization of company processes within the functional company areas (Global Supply Chain Management) - Advice on sales and marketing strategies - Personnel recruitment and placement of qualified specialists and managers, integration seminars, in-house and external training and further education, coaching of qualified specialists and managers

Professional and international experiences

Most recently with: I. K. HOFMANN GmbH Group, HQ in Germany Branch: Personnel Services

Management and responsibility functions of Prof. Schulz

Most recently with I. K. Hofmann GmbH (HQ GERMANY) as: CFO, CEO & President of Hofmann Services Inc., ATL / GA in the USA, Member of the Executive Committee Hofmann-Group (HQ Germany, Nuremberg), Chief Financial Officer & Member of Board of Directors (Hofmann Services, Inc., ATL / U.S.A.)

Main activities of business experiences

Group accounting and group annual planning including investment and financial planning, sustainable overhead cost optimization, presentation and reporting to the managing partner, preparation of individual financial statements and consolidated financial group statements with management and forecast reports, support and auditing of subsidiaries, optimization of investment and financing flows within the group, strategic and operational management consulting for the group management (Group CEO)

Scientific subject areas

Professor for general business administration at the HDBW Hochschule of Bayerischen Wirtschaft gGmbH in Munich (HDBW University of the Bavarian economy in Munich)

Major fields of study and other previous teaching areas

Corporate management and operational service areas as:
Operational performance processes, organizational design, global supply chain management, quality management, knowledge and information management, human resources, multi-dimensional leadership, accounting, accounting and valuation, investment and financing, cost and performance accounting, controlling, management strategies, especially for small and medium-sized companies (SME), international management, national and international corporate responsibility, business law, philosophy, demography, gerontology, nursing science

Member of the economic advisory board of the CSU in Bayern, Germany